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About The Inn

With a history almost as rich as the town in which it resides,
The McIntosh Country Inn & Conference Centre is, above all, a labour of love.

Located in the picturesque St. Lawrence ValleyPhotos of the McIntosh Country Inn and Conference Centre in the Eastern Ontario town of Morrisburg, the Inn was established over 30 years ago as “Paddy’s Inn” and was the gathering spot for locals and travelers to the community.

In the 1990s, the beloved Inn was converted into a franchise hotel – and while it gained a brand, it lost its small town charm. On the brink of closure, the hotel was saved by three local citizens who – it turns out – were entrepreneurs as well.

Saved by the community

“The Inn was an important part of this community and we felt it had a tremendous amount of unrealized potentional.” says Tom Morrow, one of three partners to save the inn. “So, Roy, Les and I made it happen.”

That work involved updates to its nearly 60 guest rooms, a redesign of its charming Orchard Restaurant and Mac’s Tavern, and the creation of its modern conference facility.

Who we are today

Deriving our name from the Famous McIntosh apple that was first propegated mere minutes from the Inn, The McIntosh Country Inn and Conference Centre is now a unique destination centre that offers a Launchpad for vacationers, tourists, and businesspeople alike.

Take a few minutes and spend a little time taking a look through our website to learn a little more about The McIntosh Country Inn & Conference Centre -we’re sure you’ll find a few reasons to come by and visit with us.


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