Upper Canada Village is the local tourist attraction that makes history come alive

Visit a Local Gem – Just a 10 Minute Drive Away!

Upper Canada Village is a much-cherished local gem. Located right off of the Highway 2 in Morrisburg, Upper Canada Village captures settler life on a grand scale. Founded in 1961, the Village proudly holds its status as one of the largest living-history sites in Canada. 

What is there to do in Upper Canada Village?

There is so much to see, taste, and do! Plan for a 3-4 hour visit, block off a morning or an afternoon, and come experience what life was like in 1866.

Visitors can roam the dirt streets, peopled by historical interpreters costumed in authentic 19th century clothing. It’s like stepping into a time machine. You get to discover what social life was like, see the clothing styles, hear the music of the times, and learn about the religion and politics.

What is featured in the Village?

Historical Buildings

The Village preserves 19th-century history in the 40 authentic historical buildings on site. Many were saved and moved before the flooding of the “Lost Villages” – several towns that were submerged during the flooding of the St. Lawrence Seaway development in 1958.


See agriculture in flourishing gardens tended by costumed gardeners on site. Horses, cows, sheep, and other animals are all kept on site as well.


Learn about different horse drawn carriages and wagons. See these same wagons roaming the streets, and maybe even catch a ride!


Learn about 19th century manufacturing at the shoemakers, broommakers, tinsmiths, blacksmiths, sawmill, and flourmill. Costumed interpreters skilled in each trade are more than happy to give you a tour.


Learn how a single teacher ran a one room schoolhouse. Watch students solve math problems with chalk pencils on black boards. If you’re left-handed, be thankful you weren’t a student in 1866.

Settler Life

Learn about three farming families and how different life could be if you owned your own farm and progressive stone house, or if you worked and lived in a humble single room house. Visit the Physician’s House and remind yourself why you’re thankful for 21st century medicine.

See how 19th century women made their dresses, quilted, sewed needlework, and spun wool on spinning wheels. Get a snapshot of local religion and visit the different churches and Masonic house.

Taste and See – Village Food

There’s a lot to see at Upper Canada Village, but there’s also a lot to eat! At Willard’s Hotel, you can try a traditional meal of roast meat, vegetables, and potatoes. And if you’re lucky and it’s in season, you might even get a taste of home-baked apple pie.

The Union Cheese Factory shows visitors how settlers made their own cheese. You can sample this same cheese made using authentic 19th century techniques and equipment at the Village Store.

The Steam Flour Mill sends flour to the Bakery. Two times a day, the delicious scent of baked bread can be smelled all over town. Head to the Village Store to pick up your very own loaf of fresh Village bread.

Historical Significance

Upper Canada Village isn’t just a time capsule of 19th century life. It also marks the location of one of the momentous battles in the War of 1812. Visit the commemorative monument of the Battle of Crysler’s Farm, a decisive battle that stopped the invasion of Canada.

Other Special Seasonal Events:

Upper Canada Village holds special seasonal events throughout the year. In the summer, you might catch a unique Medieval event. In the Fall, you can catch the Fall Fair and see prize vegetables, animals, needlework, and baking celebrated in the fair grounds.

Around Halloween, you can see thousands of carved and lighted pumpkins at Pumpkinferno. Finally, around Christmas, visitors can come to Alight at Night, a wintery magical light walk through the Village.

The Village is recognized as a special place, both for it’s historical look and significance. The Village offers its grounds as a wedding venue and has also been used as a filming location by companies like A&E, Disney, The Discovery Channel, CBC, and CBS. To learn more about Upper Canada Village, check out: https://www.uppercanadavillage.com/

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