12495 Highway 2 East, Morrisburg

Town of Morrisburg

Nestled in the Town of Morrisburg, the McIntosh Inn provides the perfect opportunity to explore the idyllic town in which it resides.

Established in 1792, the town’s rich history can be seen in its numerous heritage buildings, many of which were moved and saved during the flooding of the St. Lawrence River.  Take a ride through the town and explore the colonial-style homes and grand buildings that showcase the history of our country.

Looking for a unique adventure? Visit the town… underwater!  The St. Lawrence River, which stretches along the border of Morrisburg and surrounding towns, offers some of the best freshwater diving in the world. Visit the underground world of shipwrecks and buildings, with diving adventures designed to satisfy varying levels of diving experience.

Morrisburg is home to the McIntosh Country Inn & Conference Centre

Explore the gems of Morrisburg, including:


The McIntosh Country Inn and Conference Centre
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