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City of Kingston

After you’ve rested at the McIntosh Inn and Conference Centre, take a drive to Kingston for some history and adventure.

Located less than two hours from the McIntosh Inn, the city of Kingston boasts a beautiful harbour front, the prestigious Queen’s University, and a famous Haunted Walk that provides historical details about the city… with a few spooks along the way!

Renowned as the fresh-water capital of North America, Kingston is a major port to cruise the famous Thousand Islands.  Every August the city is a hub of activity when hundreds of sailors converge for CORK, the annual Canadian Olympic Training Regatta.

Steeped in history and tradition, Kingston is the resting-place of Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister.  History buffs can visit Fort Henry, a 19th century British Military Fortress, or one of  the seventeen museums that showcase everything from woodworking tools to military and technological advances.

Kingston is a short drive away from the McIntosh Country Inn & Conference Centre

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